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About Catleza

Ever since our launch in 2016, our amazingly talented, technical, and creative teams at Catleza Co., Ltd. have been fully absorbed in a tireless mission to deliver the highest quality products to international and domestic consumers just like you who truly value both nature’s aesthetic and its conservation.

With this shared adoration and commitment to nature’s preservation, our experienced teams of Vietnamese engineers and artists equip the world’s most modern technologies and production management processes to fully utilize assembly materials with as little waste as possible.

Carefully honing our craft over the years while maintaining this consistent focus, we are always excited to announce an increasingly number of innovative new versions of our hand-crafted smart planters and outdoor furniture for your comfort and convenience using nothing but 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable resources.

Through open-mindedness in operations centered on continuous improvement we believe that the highest-quality processes using only the highest quality materials can produce the highest-quality products for our valued customers around the world. With a strong track record to prove it, we believe we’ve hit the sweet spot in our design and manufacturing practices.

Having branched out of a strong foundation backed by years of industry excellence from parent company Davistar, one of Vietnam’s leading producers in mold design and the manufacturing of interior and exterior décor, Catleza Co., Ltd. expands this reputation through tremendous care in the responsibility to quality that our valued customers have come to expect.

Now one of the most trusted manufacturers in Vietnam, Catleza Co., Ltd. designs and supplies exceptional products directly to your door for your convenience as well as being readily available in most of the country’s biggest international and domestic retail chains.