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Composite Planter Puro

  • SELF-WATERING: Sub-irrigation from a reservoir keeps plants nourished, even when you’re not at home up to a week
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Being made from recycleable material, it not only takes care of plants but also the environment
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Being UV stabilized and frost resistant this durable planter is perfect for all weather
  • DRAINAGE PLUG: Don’t worry about rain and oversaturation when installed outdoors, removing the plug drains excess rainwater for you

Modern Planting Made Easy

Convenience Redefined

Now Included in all of our Products! A new and improved version of our celebrated smart-watering system to put your mind at ease. Sub-irrigation from a support base reservoir holding up to 1.7 gallons of water ensures you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of your plants without the hassle of plant care. Now your plants will take as little maintenance as ?? by only needing to add water as little as once every 2 weeks!

Step 1: Secure cylinder to support base.

Step 2: Attach funnel covering to top of cylinder.

Step 3: Connect red water level indicator to buoy attachment.

Step 4: Insert water level indicator into cylinder.

Step 5: Cover cylinder with water level gauge.

Step 6: If indoors, fasten drainage plug stopper into bottom of pot to prevent leakage. If outdoors, leave open for drainage.

Instructions to plant trees:

Step 1 – Insert smart-watering system assembled as instructed into pot.

Step 2 – Add a bottom layer of gravel or porous rock to prevent soil from falling into support base water reservoir.

Step 3 – Cover the layer of gravel with a thin layer of soil.

Step 4 – Insert plant.

Step 5 – Pour soil around plant until roots are covered and there is an adequate layer to support plant health.

Step 6 – Add water to smart-watering system and repeat this step 10 days later.

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